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Your Source for Quality Kiln Dried Logs and Smokeless Fuels in the UK

We meticulously source and process our kiln-dried logs to ensure they maintain optimal moisture levels, making them ideal for efficient and environmentally friendly burning in wood burners.

National Fuels is committed to providing the highest quality kiln-dried logs and smokeless fuels for wood burners in the UK. Our dedication to excellence is evident in every product we offer. Our kiln-dried logs are carefully sourced and processed to ensure optimal moisture levels, making them perfect for efficient and clean burning in wood burners. Additionally, our smokeless fuels are designed to minimise environmental impact while delivering exceptional heat output. With years of experience and a passion for sustainability, National Fuels is your trusted partner for all your wood burner fuel needs in the UK.

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Smokeless Fuels And Kiln Dried Logs From National Fuels

Are you craving the perfect fireside experience? Look no further than our premium Kiln Dried Logs, carefully selected to transform your moments of warmth and relaxation. Embrace the charm of crackling flames and cozy gatherings with this exceptional fuel source.

In search of an eco-conscious and high-performance heating solution? Discover the wonders of Smokeless Fuels, the ultimate choice for a cleaner and more efficient burn. Elevate your home heating game with this revolutionary fuel option.




Welcome to National Fuels, your number one supplier of smokeless coal throughout the UK. Based in Stockport, Manchester, our family-run business has provided an easy way to fuel your fires and heat your home with kiln dried logs and smokeless coal using a professional method combined with a practical approach for over 35 years.

Our comprehensive selection of wholesale house coal, smokeless coal and kiln dried logs are second to none, and you can really find some good deals on our smokeless fuel that are compliant with areas that prohibit the use of normal smoke-producing house coals. We also stock wood & kindling, materials which are suitable for use in a wide range of heating appliances, and will not fail to heat your home when you need it the most. You won’t find better smokeless coal from coal merchants in Manchester.

If you’ve been searching for approved coal merchants in the UK high and low but just can’t find the right ones, look no further. We also serve areas in and around the North West, such as Stockport & Manchester. If you need an easy way to order a delivery for your domestic or commercial needs, Pearson Fuels has it.

Being respectable coal merchants, we even provide fireplace accessories, so there’s no excuse not to seek out our amazing range that provides house coal, smokeless coal and other types of smokeless fuel to your home such as anthracite! With our great deals and sales that are provided we see no reason not to take a look at us for smokeless coal in the UK!


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